Geeking out with Winamp

Tired today. For the last 2 days I’ve been playing with Lego until about 1am, and being woken up at 7am by the postman delivering parcels.

Had a bit of a breakthrough at work last night, and finally got something working I’d been trying to do for 3 or 4 days. What a relief. I feel like a psychological barrier has been broken, and now I will work better for the rest of the week. Momentum.

Also playing with hobby programming. I have a Java API for Winamp, complete with a sample applet. The applet is quite neat. People in my office can now see what I’m listening to (currently and in the playlist), control the volume, pause, play etc. Fortunately not too many of my friends annoy me with it too often :-)

2 replies on “Geeking out with Winamp”

  1. I have looking for an API to control winamp so that i could bundle it with the speech to text api and make winamp voice controlled.
    I hope I can add some value to your API.

  2. Hey, I’m looking to use my mobile phone to control winamp via bluetooth, and am in need of a winamp java api. Would be great if I could utilise yours. Thanks!

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