Dreamlog – Jan 25th 2001

I was in the back garden of a big house. There was a party going on, with loud music, drink and drugs. I decided to show off a bit, and started spinning round really really fast. Eventually was spinning with such speed that to everyone else, I was a blur. At this point I hopped into the air, and (perhaps because I was spinning so fast) I stayed there, rotating like a floating spinning top 6 feet off the floor. This was cool. I often have dreams that I can fly / float / jump really high, but this was better. I could control my balance and speed by moving my arms, and I knew that everyone in the garden was watching my display.

After a few minutes (I wasn’t even beginning to get dizzy!) I collapsed dramatically into a crouch, and slowly floated down the ground, my spin decelerating. The crowd cheered, and I eventually scrunched my toes to stop myself totally. I found that although I could still jump on the roof of the house (which I did a few times – but got bored at having to lower myself carefully from the windowsill) , after my previous balletic performance, no-one was impressed.