RailsConf Europe, day 0 – PizzaOnRails

RailsConf Europe starts tomorrow morning. I arrived this evening for PizzaOnRails, a social gathering for Railsters, tonight held in 1 Leicester Square. It’s a chance to meet people who’ll be around for the conference (and, it turns out, people who won’t be there and came just for the pizza event). It was a good evening with free pizza, free beer (at least, to begin with) and unfortunately rather a heavy recruitment vibe. At least one big recruitment company was working the room quite hard with about 4 staff, plus random freelancers were looking for talented hackers.

I had a fun evening, and made a few new friends very quickly. One of the first people I met turned out to be a fellow Hursley-ite, which was quite a coincidence. No other IBMers to be seen so far.
At various points during the evening, ladies would appear in front of a camera and drape themselves over the crowd. Here’s me being draped on.

Perhaps sensing my nervousness (my wife spends nearly as much time online as I do), my draper did at least introduce herself to me first. Notice my fixed grin, and how my hand is kept firmly in my pocket! :-)

4 replies on “RailsConf Europe, day 0 – PizzaOnRails”

  1. I’m sure I have missed something here, but are they now using sex to sell programming languages concepts too ? :O)

    PS : How is the Eighth Bar at 1 Leicester Square related to the team blog ?

  2. Sex sells everything. But notice how they hedged their bets and used sex in conjunction with free beer and pizza too.

    I can confirm that there is no relation between any bar and the Eightbar blog. :-)

  3. Not entirely true… members of the eightbar blogging crew can sometimes be found propping up certain bars in the Hursley area… no direct, formal relation, of course :-P

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