A busy day yesterday. It started with a press event at Southbank (IBM’s London location), where I met with a few of the (great many) IBMers who have an interest in Virtual Worlds. This notably includes Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who was there to spearhead the meetings with various press agencies.

Update: this already yielded one story, in The Register no less. (I also notice it’s found it’s way onto Digg and del.icio.us).

Quite amazingly exciting stuff, and I was very sad to have to leave half an hour after the event started.


The reason I had to slip out? I flew from Heathrow to Zurich, ready for a talk I’m giving on Virtual Worlds at a company/partner mini conference.

As part of the continuing Global War On Moisture, I was forced to leave hair-gel, deoderant and toothpaste with a very understanding security guard at Heathrow. (I’m only away for one night, so decided not to check any luggage in the hold, preferring to convince the airport staff that my laptop bag does fit into the recently miniaturised test box at checkin which bears no relation to the dimensions overhead lovkers in a half-full plane). To be honest, I should have remembered that ongoing liquid-related security measures are in place, but I’d had a busy day and conveniently managed to forget about all it. There was a moment, unshoed and de-belted in the queue for the bag search, that I thought I would get away with it. My (aerosol) deoderant predictably triggered a bag search though, so I very quickly came clean about the veritable secret cache of illicit liquids lurking at the bottom of my bag.

Having been suitably dessicated, I quickly found my way to the airport chemists, and replaced the lost items. Knowing I’d probably have just as much trouble getting things back out of Switzerland tomorrow, I opted for hair clay instead of gel (which may be closer to a solid than a liquid, I’m not sure). For deoderant, I found a solid stick of mineral salts which promises ‘natural bacteriostatic action’. It appears to be the same product my wife uses, and she always smells lovely. It’s definitely not an aerosol anway, so should hopefully make it back through the airport with me tomorrow. Toothpaste was a tricky one, so I opted for the smallest, cheapest tube I could find.

Lovely coulds across Europe during the flight.

Trip 054

Trip 028

At Zurich I was met by my lovely friends Adam and Helene, who live just up the road is Basal. We went out for a meal, where I was treated to some authentic Swiss Asian food, and reciprocated at an ‘ice cream gallery’, which serves quite delicious rasperry, chocolate and kiwi ice creams.

Unlike last weeks hotel, the Best Western Hotel Engimatt does not offer its guests free wireless. Therefore I’m writing this in SlickEdit (which I like to think is the Windows user’s answer to TextMate) on Tuesday night, and will post it from the conference tomorrow.

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