SketchUp -> Second Life exporter

I managed to combine three of my favourite things yesterday: SketchUp, Ruby and Second Life.

SketchUp to Second Life export (simple)

I’ve written up the hack over at Eightbar. I’m still polishing it, but let me know if you’d like to have a go at it.

Update: I’m collecting coverage of the hack:

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  1. I would like to try it out as well. Was hoping to just find a link to download it, but if you could email it to me that would be great.

    Thanks (Im assuming this blog system lets YOU see email addys :)

  2. Hi. Sorry everyone.. it’s not yet available for public consumption. I’m hoping someone else will get there first, but keeping my fingers crossed that some time in the new year I’ll get some time to finish this (or at least polish it slightly) and set it free.

  3. Roo,
    I love using sketchup, am just getting in to SL, and no nothing about Ruby… Can you hook me up with your plug-in and let me experiment with it? Thanks.

  4. Roo,
    Please let me experiment your Ruby plug in too. It looks like a really cool idea and it just can rocks hell out.I dont mind that not being polished XD It just coul be very useful the way you first showed it, so please I beg you to send it to me =)

  5. Until I see a running script in-world and on my pc this is just vaporware. I have only heard rumors, and seen nothing happen.

    Will take more than a couple plywood cubes to convince me. Might also help if you stop reading data outta notecards ;)

  6. Hi everyone. I’ve been searching for a tool like this for a couple of days now and most have come up short. I would love to try this add on for Sketchup. Thanks a lot for working so hard to help builders in Second Life.

  7. I have left a (multi-part) comment about Sketchlife on this article’s sister-page at eightbar.

    In short, Sketchlife is a simple prim-drawing extension to SketchUp, that, although it does not offer automatic mesh import (which would require a very sophisticated tool not currently in existence), it does let you make use of the well-developed toolset in SketchUp, for quick and precise prim placement and texturing.

    The full story is here:

  8. Mrs Brandt an over-achieving middle aged housewife and part time truck driver (in seconfd life) has worked out a brilliant solution (called sketchlife) to this problem, by creating a set of free tools (ruby scripted plug-in) that you simply load into sketchup, that enables the modeler to create equivalent prims that are then imported into second life…see the video at

    Currently you need users need to pay for the service set to L$1 per prim + L$1 per each textured face on each prim inside Second Life.

    The most impressive demonstration of the power of sketchlife is the incredible St. Basil’s Cathedral, originally modeled by Arrigo Silva and featured on Google Earth.

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