Business Communicators of Second Life – today’s meeting

I was delighted to be asked to present at today’s meeting of the Business Communicators of Second Life.

I decided to keep it fresh by not pre-preparing my presentation, and typed the whole thing as I went. I took questions as I went, which really helped as I was able to adjust what I was saying based on what people were interested in hearing.

We met on Info island, where I counted 23 people in the audience, including the fabulous Torley.

I mainly covered the history of what IBMers have been doing in Second Life, how we got where we are, and what IBM’s recent announcements will mean. (By the way, I really must blog on Eightbar about the new 12-sim complex IBM announced today. Perhaps I’ll stay up and do that now). Inevitably, the conversation was wider than just Second Life, and we talked a bit about the virtual universe and the 3D Internet.

Linda has the transcript up on the SL Business Communicators blog, but I’ve uploaded it here too.

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  1. Roo, thank you so much for the wonderful tour of “IBMworld” in Second Life. =D I also enjoyed your talk and am glad I had an opportunity to attend too.

    You certainly are setting a positive example as a Metaverse Evangelist and I’m intrigued in watching your progress as you continue!

  2. Thanks Torley.

    Matthew: is probably a good place to start. Download and install the client and try it out. There’s a good tech talk on Google Video from Cory and Philip (the CEO and CTO of Linden Lab) which gets you a long way in one hour, although of course some of the stats are out of date. If you’re wondering about IBMs involvement, Irving recently put up a great post on his blog. You may already know that I’m one of the bloggers at Eightbar, which is a good place to keep an eye on some of what’s going on.

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