San Francisco – day 3 (a parrot)

A rainy day. I got some work done in the morning. Waking up at 5am means I’m productive until about 3pm when I start to glaze and drift off. I went for a walk in the rain, and in the evening. met up with local IBMers Doug, Tanaz and Steve for drinks at The Grove and a delicious meal at the Three Seasons. A great night out, and it’s so nice to meet up with other people when over on a trip like this.

Before going out for the evening I had the strange experience of having my room upgraded, thanks to a pet parott. Late in the afternoon a loud, annoying and intermittent squawking sound began to come from the door opposite mine. I ignored it at first, but after half an hour of putting up with it opened my door to work out what was going on. I heard not just squawking, but also softer fluttering bird noises, and decided to phone reception in case a bird had flown in through an open window. Security came up, and discovered the noise was coming from a caged parott which had been left alone in the room with the TV on for company. Parott made sense. Pigeons don’t squawk like that. There was some debate between security and the hotel management about whether a parott is an viable pet for a hotel guest, but since the bird’s owner was not around there was not much the hotel could do about it other than move me to another room. From the 36th to the 41st floor in one swift exchange of key cards.

Suite on the 41st floor

And so my last night here is spent in a stupidly big suite with an even better view of the city, which is currently shrouded in fog.

Foggy night Foggy night Foggy night Foggy night

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