Rock balancing

My manager Michael is a certified rock balancer. This is a photo he took of some rocks he balanced.

I had my first taste of the art of rock balancing at Michael’s house (after a very fine dinner) last night, and I think I might already be hooked. It is just easy enough to get into quickly, and just challenging enough to give a sense of satisfaction when they mesh.

Other notable rock balancers are Bill Dan and UK comedian Dave Gorman. Andy Goldsworthy is an artist whose work incorporates rock balancing (as well as some rather lovely arch formation).

I’m already excited about balancing some more rocks. Maybe I can get certified too. One thing is sure; a stony beach will never look the same again.

11 replies on “Rock balancing”

  1. Wow. We had, at work, inspired bu the book of the cool and list of things people had done or did that we did not know about.
    We never had rock balancing before!
    I am off to try it now too. Lets hope this does not end up in your objectives for the year?
    Very nice pic.

  2. I tried making a Jenga balancing boards in Second Life which Roo witnessed the catastrophe of on about day 3 on my first land plot.
    The problem, I spent ages stacking the blocks 3 one way 3 the other etc. Then pushed on one. The physics does not really “do” friction, but the pile collapsed.
    The trouble was I had not put in any return to original state script. Much slapping of virtual hand on virtual forehead whilst playing a Doh! sound clip.

  3. Apparently certified rock balancers can certify new ones, so I’m hoping to master enough of the art between meetings while I’m out in New York this week to get my own certification.

  4. Thanks, Roo. Now I’ve learned about another obscure skill to put on the “must learn to do before I die” list.

    I’ve got like a 100 years worth of crap on that list. :-)

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