How many fishfingers is just right?

Rachel is out tonight, and in the process of making myself fishfinger sandwiches I find myself asking how many fishfingers is just right. I am sure this is a question Darren has an answer to, since he knows the right number of Weetabix and many other things.

I pour some out and take a look. 6 fishfingers is too few. 8 looks to be too many. 7 is both too few and too many, depending on the angle from which I look at the oven tray.

Apparently one fishfinger has 2.7% of my recommended daily allowance of calories, meaning it would take 37 to see me through a day, but 37 can’t possibly ever be the right number of fishfingers.

Help. And quickly, because the oven is nearly ready.

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  1. For a fishfinger sandwich, the optimum number depends on the bread – but four seems to be the best number for the regular British sliced loaf.

    The real question, of course, is what to put on it. Ketchup? Mayonnaise? Salad cream? Or – my partner’s new favourite – Sandwich Spread?

  2. I foolishly went for 7. How is an odd number ever going to work out with two sandwiches? 8 would have been perfect after all.

    Oh, and I reckon you can’t go wrong with a bit of ketchup. Start messing around with mayo or salad cream and you might end up regretting it. Mind you.. I haven’t have a fishfinger and salad cream sandwich for a long time now. Maybe next time…

  3. Fishfingers, or fishsticks as they are called on this side of ‘the pond’, adhere to a very strict formula for consumption in piecewise parametric form as follows:

    Number of fishfingers to eat =
    3 if age 8 years old


  4. HEY my comment got cut off! Here is perhaps a more acceptably formatted version

    Number of fishfingers to eat =
    3 if age 8 is years old, 0 otherwise – go eat something that grown-ups eat :-)

    [never been a fishsticks fan :-)]

  5. We have a fish finger face off going down where 2 people will battle off to eat 100 fish fingers in 15 minutes…. keep posted for the results

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