First TV interview. It’s hot.

Just completed a TV interview for CNN. Ian did Newsnight not so long ago, but this is a first for me, so here are my first impressions:

  • TV work is hot. I’m not sure if it’s the nerves or the white hot lights pointed directly at your face. Probably a bit of both.
  • I still waffle, but think I just about kept it under control. I noticed myself repeating myself at one point, but that’s what editors are for, right?
  • I spoke for about 20 minutes. I’m expecting 20 second of footage.
  • There was someone there to prompt me with questions, but I was told to look at the camera and not at her. That’s weird. I’d expected the opposite. Maintaining eye contact with a camera lens was very unnatural.
  • At one point I was saying that it’s video conferences can be uncomfortable because people don’t like having cameras pointed at them. The fact I had a camera pointed at me and was feeling a bit uncomfortable made my smile slightly warmer.
  • “Hmm… can we do that again?”. So glad it wasn’t live. I don’t ever want to do live broadcast. Not without a morphine drip anyway.

I’m now destressing in Cafe Libre, enjoying a hot chocolate and lemon cheesecake and, best of all, free wifi.

Next up: Spitalfields.

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  1. Of course, though as I don’t have actually have a TV it will be dependant on me being sent a copy… and not being told I can’t redistribute too I guess.

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