Social events: Wine 2.0 at Bedales

As always, the venue of choice for a Wine 2.0 meetup is Bedales in Spitalfields Market. It was great to spend an evening with James Governor, Dennis Howlett, Hugh MacLeod, Kyb, Andy Piper, Richard Brown and Alan Wood.

I took some notes, and managed to break a (very nice) wine glass. Conversation topics included:

  • “Social events” trump social networking (as the evening proved, events are an important part of networking)
  • Enterprise Irregulars (must read this)
  • Twitter (since January it seems everyone is talking about Twitter. James sees value. Others were not convinced. I’m getting closer and closer to trying it)
  • “Darwinian algo-trading” (and a guy whose average trade holding is 7 seconds. Wowsers)
  • Michael Marshall-Smith (a sci fi author James suggests I should read)
  • Ray Ozzie, Lotus Notes and “MQSeries”
  • What has happened to Scoble (mix of opinion, from “C-list” to “keep watching”)
  • Thingamy (Hugh says check it out)
  • Chris Barger
  • Why doesn’t Bedales have wifi?
  • Cars as avatars
  • Why I’m a “f*cko” for not having my blog(s) and avatar name on my business cards (it’s true, and something I need to fix. My guerilla (not gorilla) Moo cards do get me most of the way there, but I ran out half-way through the evening)

Great fun. I am already excited about the next one.

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  1. I’d say we’re pushing virtual worlds, rather than Second Life, but yeah.. I hope my next corporate card will contain even more useful metadata.

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