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Ze Frank’s glorious experiment with a daily video podcast called simply The Show is coming to an end. To celebrate a glorious year, here’s what you’ve either been enjoying, or missing, …

  • 03-17-06 – “jessica simpson loves bush, neverland, iraqis buy fruit, google scalia, bill gates, one laptop per child, origami” – It all started here. He blinked in these very early ones.
  • 05-04-06“anti-intellectualism, death by meteor, meteor, myspace, wallup, attorney general, tom riley, Massachusetts, jet lagged, viagra” – the excellent ‘anti-intellectualism’ song
  • 05-15-06“hindsight, tired, delta”
  • 07-10-06“washington, ideas, brain crack” – great song. ‘Where the f**k do ideas come from?’
  • 07-14-06“ugly, designers, myspace, ugly, ugly song, mushy peas, momma, happy birthday becky” – The ‘I knows me some ugly’ MySpace song. (interesting pattern here.. I like the songs)
  • 08-30-06 – “are the NV’s gone yet?” – the fingers in food episode, wondering, without ever saying it for a change, if the new viewers are gone yet
  • 10-10-06“left turn ok” – Ze gets very meta
  • 12-19-06“baseline” – I find this helpful
  • 01-02-07“pityriasis rosea” – champagne faeries after a heavy new year
  • 01-25-07“from the detroit airport with love” – Hotel room etiquette

Lots of ‘getting started’ information about The Show on The Forum.

It’s not too late to catch up. Give yourself a break (um, about 9 hours?) Go back to the first one and watch them all.

Update: the last ever The Show is online. I’ll miss it.

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  1. […] talked (of course) about Ze’s daily video blog, The Show (which you may remember I mentioned last year, as it was coming to a close). More things: “The great thing about a conversation […]

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