Croquet – "coming soon"

Sigh. I finally get some time to try out Croquet, only to discover that the download link for the Croquet distribution has disappeared from the download page, away, only to be replaced by

The Croquet SDK 1.0 will be made available here soon.

That really sucks.

The magic of Google got me to the Croquet Collaborative distribution. Then I finally noticed a link to the current beta hidden away in plain sight on the main page.

Distressingly, although the whole Croquet Consortium site seems to be based on MediaWiki, I can’t edit the download page to help out other poor unfortunates like myself who expect download links to be found there and not (just) on the main page.

A frustrating start to a quick hack.

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  1. Ha, the perils of travels and evangelism – not enough time to play with new toys. I have had the same problem lately, my browser filling up with tabs where I think “I really must look at this…”, and never get around to it.

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