Under the Influence

Iris Nation’s Under the Influence event today. I don’t think I could come up with a better premise for a one day conference: five pubs around Borough Market with speakers from across tech and marketing. Very informal. Free booze. Yay.

Ruth Mortimer at Under the Influence First up in the our pub (the Market Porter), Ruth Mortimer from Centaur spoke on marketing in SL, complete with case studies and suggested dos and don’ts. [Note to self: send Ruth a link to the recent Market Truths study.]

The second slot was Ian and me. We split the talking, covering why virtual worlds are important and useful for social events and the life and times of the digital native. Great fun, and a good crowd.

Sam Sethi was unfortunately stuck in Canada (“Canada Water?” “No, Vancouver”), so we hung around and continued the virtual worlds conversations during his slot, before Tom Bazeley (rhymes with Paisley) of Lean Mean Fighting Machine. He changed his title from “How can we cut through the media clutter to engage with customers?”, taking issue with both ‘media clutter’ and ‘engage’, so it became “How to do interesting things for people who are all over the place doing lots of different stuff”, which I liked very much. Those are probably paraphrases of the real titles, because I failed to write them down. Anyone get them? The thing I did write down was “you only really engage with something after you’ve bought it”. I loved his no-nonsense approach. The fact he was sat down drinking Guinness helped reinforce that too. Tom has a lot in common with Russell Davies, who I also had the chance to see present recently. I wonder if they’re already great mates. They should be.

Later, Ian and I retired via Fleet Street to Park Lane. Specifically to Trader Vic’s, where Eric Rice was holding what he’d described as the first ‘Spin Camp‘. I think it might take off. Certainly the chance to meet Justin from Redzone and spend more time with Kosso (having been introduced by Eric the night before at the Open Rights Group bash), was pretty cool. A+++. Would do again.

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  1. Ian and I did make it to the Climax and Curtain event at 6, but we ended up at the back of the room and the place was full to bursting so I gave up trying to hear what was being said and quietly slipped out at about 6:30.

    I’d love to catch what I missed though. Will there be video (or podcasts?) of the presentations available?

  2. Very glad to be able to meetup with a few folks at various venues and also, glad I was able to make the Open Rights meetup as well. What’s the next city? Tokyo? Let’s do it!

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