On the road, a busy day tomorrow

Lots of fun to be had for the two IBM Metaverse Evangelists tomorrow; Ian and I are getting an early train to London for a packed day.

I’m joining Ben Edwards (The Economist.com), Jem Stone (Executive Producer, BBC New Media and Technology), Adriana Lukas (Big Blog Company) and Myles Runham (General Manager, Europe, Ask.com) for the keynote panel at the Blogs & Social Media Forum. Apparently it will be a conversational panel on “the benefits of social media and enterprise 2.0”, but given that I was recently somewhat disappointed with Ask.com’s current campaign I think I might have to say something about the importance of engaging authentically and transparently when using Web 2.0 to engage with the public. Potentially far more interesting than that panel is an open space session (where the participants drive the agenda) between 11:40 and 13:00, which sounds very cool.

Update: notes from the conference written up at Eightbar.  

At lunchtime Ian and I have to nip out early and dash across town to see some friends in Soho. That sounds rather too much like a euphemism for something very dodgy, but it’s not. I actually can’t say much about who we’re seeing here, but I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

Then, after than mysterious interlude we’re heading over to Shoreditch to the bar beneath Rivers Run Red’s offices (all offices should have a nearby bar) to join Tim Guest in celebrating the publication of his new book, which also happens to be the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week at the moment.

7 replies on “On the road, a busy day tomorrow”

  1. The evening thing sounds very cool – I just heard about the book of the week via Twitterings this morning. Need to catch some of the spots.

    Say hello to Jem Stone for me and thank him for the comments on my blog :-)

  2. Good to meet you and Ian yesterday, Roo, and thanks for a v. interesting discussion about virtual worlds – will be writing up some of the points covered as a blog post sometime this week if you don’t mind (and if I can find the time!)


  3. Andy: I did say hi to Jem from you, and we chatted about his comment on your recent post.

    Michael: I’ll post about the book soon. It’s nice. You can listen to chunks of it (perhaps only from a UK IP address?) after they are broadcast via BBC ‘listen again’.

    Fiona: glad you enjoyed it, and that would be great. Do let me know when you post something.

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