Russell Davies’ interesting2007 conference (Saturday 16th June) looks, well, really very interesting indeed.


interesting2007 logotype by Noisy Decent Graphics

So interesting in fact, that I’m turning down opportunities to be attending Hack Day (though Andy will be there), and/or speaking at a conference in Massachusetts to be there. That’s how interesting this is.

The list of speakers and topics includes “comics and pictures that know they’re being looked at” (Jack Schulze), “Ibsen or The Muppets, or possibly both” (Rebecca Northam), “pipes and tubes” (Tom Armitage), “knots” (Tom Lewis Reynier), “how to split a log with an axe” (Adrian Gunn Wilson) and lots lots more.

Sadly, it’s probably not going to have wifi, but probably will have a Macworld/SXSW style Twitter channel thingy. Equally sadly, if you don’t yet have a ticket, tickets are no longer available. I believe it sold out very quickly and repeatedly.

I’ll be there on Saturday with camera, audio recorder, Moleskine, Twittering thumb and any other recording device I can realistically carry. Can’t wait.

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  1. Well.. you make a good point there, and it’s tempting. I’m wondering who the musical special guest is too. why the lucky stiff is musical as well as an amazing Ruby hacker. I wonder.

    To be honest Andy, I’d feel bad swanning in after you guys have done all the hard work on the Saturday. :-)

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