Back-pocket halloumi

Great lunch today with Adrian Trenholm, Andy Piper, James Governor and Mark Lloyd at Cru on Hoxton Square before a couple of games of pool.

Reclining Me Eightball Action shot Space invaders

Bloggable nuggets:

  • James was suffering digestive problems, perhaps from eating meat for the first time in ages (“pork flu”?). Red wine seemed to fix it though.
  • Andy is an incredible resource. The man is a walking Google. Honestly. Ask him anything. It makes me want to improve my sieve-like memory.
  • “It’s always good to have a halloumi in your back pocket” – James
  • We got onto books, and quickly covered Long Tail, Blink, World is Flat, etc etc. Mark recommended ‘The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable‘ which sounds really interesting.
  • Apparently I should subscribe to The New Yorker. If it means I get to read chunks of Blink before it’s turned into an overly long (and un-blink-like) book, I’m all for it.
  • Mark is going to interesting2007 on Saturday (as am I, hurrah), and promises to introduce me to an antarctic explorer. Sounds interesting.
  • Jimmy Carr walked past outside. I sprung out onto the street (to get a better look at his back I guess) and chatted with another guy also watching him walk away. Well, I say chatted, but it was more like saying “that was Jimmy Carr” to each other quietly.
  • Pool is all about maths. I’m very bad at it, and don’t aim enough.

Thanks guys. Great fun.

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  1. I can highly recommend “The Black Swan”.

    I heard about it via EconTalk ( and bought the book off the back of the PodCast.

    It is highly readable and has the annoying property of making you late for whatever you’re supposed to be doing afterwards as it’s impossible to put down.

    If I have one regret, it is that I read it too fast; I need to read it again to allow its (many) insights to sink in.

  2. Yesterday, you guys inspired me to think about getting my online act together and today you shame me by linking to my basically defunct blog. You are more likely to find up to date posts on my We Endure page. James sold me on Picassa over Flickr, but I don’t think I am ever going to start Twittering.

    Very much enjoyed the afternoon out. Thanks all.

  3. Andy, James: always nice to spend time with you.

    Adrian, Mark: nice to meet you both. Mark, I hope you’ll remember that you owe me an explorer tomorrow. :-)

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