More media from Wimbledon

As Wimbledon wrapped up on Sunday and the final stats were tallied, I uploaded some of the video clips I took during my visit. Here are three of them…

The Wimbledon Broadcast Centre’s ‘roof garden’ is where some of the interviews and crowd shots you’ll have seen on TV are filmed from. For your enjoyment and delight here are three minutes of exploration, including glimpses of Todd Martin, Luke Jensen, John Inverdale, Tracy Austin, Pat Cash and some dudes from Fox (if you know who they are, go ahead and tag the video).

Without the roof, Centre Court had a completely different feel from last year. Very much more like an amphitheatre.

Hawkeye judgements were used to judge disputed line calls on the bigger courts, and best of all the results were shown on big screens for the crowds to see. And they loved it. Listen for the rising “Oooooooh…” noise.

Incidently, I really like Viddler. I like the fact that it brings community tagging to videos; not just the video as a whole, but timestamps within the clip. Because of that, I think it’s a long way ahead of YouTube as being the Flickr-for-video.