Links for Friday July 13th, 2007

  • White Glove Tracking | We’re Done – Thanks! (Gallery) – Yay. Great crowdsourcing project. I helped track the glove. Now the data source is available people are starting to do cool things with it.
  • Ted Stevens Wants To Switch Between Phones “As I Ride My Motorcycle” – Senator ‘series of tubes’ Stephens is back, with another classic. “I want to use this as I ride my motorcycle”. As the audio reveals, he’s not that mad. Honestly. He just sounds it.
  • The SL Face Project – Create SL avatar and skin from photos automagically.
  • Dopplr: Importing your social network from other sites – Fantastic feauture. Well implemented.
  • [Valleywag] Advertising: Facebook ‘consistently the worst performing site’ – Facebook gets 0.04% clickthrough apparently. “They’re mainly students, with low disposable income, of course; but, beyond that, the users appear to be too busy leaving messages for eachother to show much interest in advertising”. Facebook has advertising?
  • SpinVox – I’ve been meaning to try this since my little bro told me about it in March. Voicemail-to-email service. I’m going to try hooking it up to a blog and seeing what happens.
  • Misanthropist in Train(ing) – “People seem to be always mithering about Twitter, saying that it is useless, and they can’t see what it is for, and it is not always interesting, or not always useful, or not really world-shattering. To which I say: Hello? Have you met ‘The Internet'”
  • Postalicious – Since my bookmarks appear on my blog (and in the feed) and I tend to put some thought into the notes for del.icio.using, Kyb wants me to consider installing this so people (he?) can comment on bookmarks. I plan to have a play with it tomorrow.
  • GigantiCo * that’s the big idea: Virtual Reality: Part 1 – Perceptive thoughts about the way PR firms vs Ad agencies perceive Second Life today. An interesting article (and no, I’m not just bookmarking it because it flatteringly describes me as a thought leader).
  • Japan’s old-fashioned campaigning [BBC] – Heard this on Radio 4 last night. Most surprising are the quotes from young Japanese voters: “if the government or any politicians are on the web it doesn’t feel right”
  • New World Notes: Mixed Reality Headcount – Traffic stats tracking for the real life brands in Second Life, with commentary. IBM continues to attract huges numbers to its space in SL, outpacing all other RL names.

As you can see above, you can blame kyb for encouraging me to try Postalicious. I’ve set it to never post fewer than 5 bookmarks at a time, so hopefully it won’t feel too spammy. Oh, and I’ve turned off the automatic daily ‘link splicer’ feature on the Feedburner feed for this blog to prevent all the links from appearing twice.

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  1. Cheers Chris. I’m stunned you noticed any increase based on my bookmark and auto-blogging (but then, I’m a stats hound too and really with would show me clickthrough etc). I’ve commented. Thanks again for an interesting post.

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