Links for Saturday 14th July, 2007

  • TIME: 5 Worst Websites – – Leaving aside the fact that TIME seems to have confused the world of Second Life with a website, many of the gripes are ligitimate. On the other hand, some stick with SL despite its shortcomings. I wonder if thinking about *why* would lend balance.
  • Official Google Blog: Google and health care – Google’s apology re their handling of Michael Moore’s Sicko movie, and more specifically an earlier post on their corporate blog . How refreshing to see “We blew it”. Corporate blogs cause interesting problems. When does “we” really mean “me”?
  • [YouTube] DEC – Glimpse of the Future, 1994 – DEC’s view of the internet, circa 1994. Remember when it was a freaky fresh new thing, which the bravest of businesses was beginning to understand how to use. There were “new kinds of partnership and collaboration, new ways of working together…”
  • Joi: Time-lapse using a Canon 5D and a Pclix – Joi Ito’s recent dinner as a time-lapse movie. (Domestic bliss!) I’ve been wanting to do one of these for the frankly scary rate at which the grass in the front garden grows.
  • [YouTube] The Internet – early 90s CBC footage – Remember when it first went mainstream? Like your uncle discovering hiphop or something. Early 90s coverage of “Internet” from CBC. I am struck once again by the similarity betwwen early 90s (1993?) web and virtual worlds today.
  • Mike Moran: WebEx meets SL (Unisfair) – “What’s the real difference between Second Life conferences and WebEx Webinars? I think it is mostly the relationship with the attendees. Second Life lends itself more to the pop-in, the person who has no relationship and who might even prefer to be anony

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  1. I thought you were trying to get people to think of SL as a website. Anyway, my first experience of SL was pretty negative. The first time I tried it, their server was down, and I couldn’t create an account. A few days later, I tried and played with it, and liked it, but the performance was so horrendous, it was pretty painful. There weren’t many people around to interact with either. I flew around the IBM island for a bit, and but saw nothing really fun to do. If I was just a normal pleb, I’d be unlikely to ever load it up again.

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