Getting off the treadmill

If the tide of public opinion is the sum of a million tiny interconnected waves then the last 24 hours have seen one particular theme (“getting off the web 2.0 treadmill”) grow from a ripple to, well, a bigger ripple. Three events:

on the road again

  • Steve Rubel says: “These days, I am far more interested in what people do with technology rather than on what the latest new ‘shiny object’ is”.
  • Jeremy Zawodny responds, saying: “I see too many people I know getting caught up in the breathless hype and forgetting to think about whether the latest shiny new thing really matters in the grand scheme of things”.
  • Dave Slusher unsubscribes from Scoble, saying “I officially renounce the search for the newer and shinier”.

Of course, Scoble shrugs and probably continues to post incessantly about iPhones and Facebook, (because he can’t think of anything more exciting).

[CC licensed photo by Steve Jurvetson]

4 replies on “Getting off the treadmill”

  1. being off the grid ish and on hols it becomes mere apparent those things in web 2 that i miss or need
    Conectivity that does not cost a fortune to allow me to share and be part of the global conversation that includes power and bytes
    An interface or app that lets of be expressive quickly eg photos straight to flicker which work with the first point
    It does not need to be a 24 7 existence but just in those small gaps when needed

  2. I have so far refused to join Facebook, and oh my lord, that makes me such a pariah! I’m not on Myspace either, but no one seems to care about that. Thing is, I just don’t feel the need to be even more accessible than I already am – which is pretty damn accessible, really – and I certainly don’t need to increase my email load.

    But yet, I’ve had “discussions” by email with a variety of people, including Scoble, all of whom bascially said “Join now, or you’ll be forced to eat your words”. If this is the way Web 2.0 is going, I’d rather not bother with it.

    Did no one ever hear of ‘each to his own’?

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