Links for Thursday 26th July, 2007

  • What happens when you delete your Feedburner feed – “When you delete your FeedBurner feed, we have added an option to redirect your feed. If you select this, we begin a one month process of transitioning your subscribers back to your source feed.” – some clever stuff goes on at this stage. Interesting.
  • Learning in Immersive worlds – JISC report – “a review of game based learning report … scopes out the current use of games for learning in UK HE and post-16 education and has been produced to inform practitioners who are considering using games and simulations in their practice”
  • – Using Wikipedia as a Web Database – “a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia”
  • Charlie Rose – “the merging of television and the internet” – 3600 hours (and growing) of great interviews here, going back to 1994.
  • Google Reader Search Powered by Google Gears – I’ve longed for Google Reader to add a search box forever. Now, an enterprising hacker by the name of Raul Ochoa has created a Greasemonkey script which allows you to search the 2000 recent posts in your offline gears DB.
  • ‘Ways to Disrupt a Community’ – Chris Brogan moves Grasshoppers group to Ning – Chris Brogan explains why, including: “you can get the info back OUT of the platform and into a reader, at your leisure, however you want to slice it.”

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  1. I’ve actually been wondering recently what Google have been up to. They have a lot of talented people working for them, but some of the new ideas out there (tagging in search, clustering, etc.) don’t seem to be making their way into Googles products. Could it be that they’ve got to the critical number of intelligent people (like MS) where no significant innovation occurs any more.

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