Kelly inspired me to research the search terms that bring people to my blog. It turns out that people search for some strange and wonderful things. Some are highly appropriate (and I’m sure they found useful answers) but many are just plain odd. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • puff of air in eye at opticians [Ahh.. I quite like eye tests.]
  • is fern britton leaving this morning? [Who? I have no idea.]
  • paulsgrove riots [Wow. I did write about them in 2000.]
  • “fishfinger” + “calories” [My fault.]
  • “javascript as well as klingon” [A great Weird Al lyric.]
  • fern britton cleavage [What is it with Fern Britton? Ahh! My fault.]
  • dream wasp in ear [I used to blog my dreams. I may start again.]
  • fern britton dirty videos [*Sigh*.]
  • fancy londoners [Yes. Quite right too.]
  • fishy odor from puppy [I did mention my puppy and fishy tripe.]
  • hack [I don’t remember giving instructions.]
  • really cool and interesting things [What a cool search. Hope it worked.]
  • why do pirates have eye patches? [Good question!]
  • how to speak like a posh toff [I have no comment.]

I use Google Analytics as well as Feedburner (which is now also owned by Google of course).

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