Whiteboard Pong

Tangible interfaces strike again. Not content with playing music with a yo-yo, I’ve knocked up a first pass at an augmented reality game of pong on a whiteboard.

Whiteboard Pong v0.1

Here, I play pong with two whiteboard erasers. On a whiteboard. A camera watches the scene and a quick hacky Processing app (via reacTIVision and some OSC messages) bounces a ball around. For the full effect, a projector will render the virtual ball right there on your desk. Or you could play it on the surface of a flat-panel monitor I guess.

The nice thing about working with whiteboards: it’s fun to change the version number when v0.2 is done.

Whiteboard Pong v0.2

Also worth mentioning: I mentioned on Flickr that “now I just need a projector” and within minutes my brainy friend Dave came round to my office with a spare one for me to borrow. The joy of declarative living!

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