Links for Wednesday 29th August, 2007

  • SXSW 2008 – Stories, Games and Your Brand – Rachel Clarke and Dan Hon have suggested I might want to join this panel at SXSW 2008. As Dan says, vote early, vote often.
  • Desire Paths – “A term in landscape architecture used to describe a path that isn’t designed but rather is worn casually away by people finding the shortest distance between two points.” with a link to a Flickr pool of examples.
  • Twitter Groupings – Stowe Bowd chimes in on tagging for Twitter, coining “hashtag”.
  • Groups for Twitter; or A Proposal for Twitter Tag Channels – Chris Messina’s ideas for mproving “contextualization, content filtering and exploratory serendipity” in Twitter. ‘Channels’ through tagging. I like it.
  • Joel@ESCL – Coke Comes Clean about Second Life – “I feel like I’ve been used as the sacrificial lamb” said Donnelly, referring to the recent Wired article that mentioned him and Coke specifically. “We wouldn’t be spending the money in SL if we agreed with the Wired article.”
  • I CAN HAZ dot COM – “I can haz short urlz now? kthx.” – tinyurl for the lolcat lover in your life

5 replies on “Links for Wednesday 29th August, 2007”

  1. Interesting to learn the term Desire Paths, I guess that must be a more modern name for something I’d always known as “Cow paths” – an early glimpse at “wisdom of the crowds” in action?

    I can’t recall where I first heard the term, but there’s an old poem that pokes a bit of fun at it: “The Calf Path” by Sam Walter Foss (1895) –

    Alternatively, someone of a more pessimistic persuasion might call them a “rut” ;(

  2. ok listen. If you don’t do SXSW I might come to englandland and kick you in the teeth. Do you need someone to blog your every move? I’m so in!

  3. I was sort of planning to blog my every move myself, but it would be great to have company if you’re going the be there too.

    In fact, I do really want to be there, and it will be easier if I’m going as a panelist, so go vote for my panel! :-)

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