Serious Virtual Worlds, Coventry (Day 2)

Notes from the second day.

Serious Virtual Worlds, Tim Foresman Serious Virtual Worlds, Tim Foresman Serious Virtual Worlds, Lizbeth Goodman Serious Virtual Worlds, LeRoy Heinrichs and Richard Smithies Serious Virtual Worlds, LeRoy Heinrichs and Richard Smithies

Tim Foresman – Digitial Earth and Virtual Worlds

  • [Moving and powerful call to action.  Quoted ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’ by Buckminster Fuller]

Lizbeth Goodman  – Virtual worlds community applications

  • [I don’t mind admitting I was nearly moved to tears by Lizbeth’s presentation. Severely disabled children being given the means to play games and explore beautiful custom-built worlds, leaving their mark in those spaces. Severely disabled adults being given the ability to create music.]

LeRoy Heinrichs – Serious worlds for biology and medicine

  • History: Frog Island – VRML
  • Detailed models to represent asphyxia and blast trauma patients. Used Forterra’s OLIVE, with instructors and physicians. Triage and treatment.

Richard Smithies, TruSim (Serious Games division of BlitzGames)- Creating a medical training game

  • UK games industry is bigger than the UK film industry
  • There’s a lot of hype: “be careful”.
  • Interactive Trauma Trainer
  • Battlefield Trauma Trainer
  • “there is a preference for high fidelity”

Claus Nehmzow, PA Consulting

  • Engagement with community.
  • Wages for greeters: L$350. “We don’t know who they are”. 

Roo Reynolds, Virtual worlds for corporate collaboration

Dave Taylor, NPL – VWs for informal education and knowledge transfer

  • SciLands. Some amazing (high profile!) projects there. NASA, NOAA, JPL, and lots more.
  • The IBM rhodopsin molecule got a mention. Yay.
  • Second Health, NHS project.

Majid Al-Kader – Logicity

Jim Piggot, CEO TPLD – Applying serious games to curriculum for excellence

  • Nice example of a hockey game.

Update:All presentation materials are now online via the Serious Games Institute


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