Upcoming events

I’m at the Society for IT Managers event today (on which, more later).

Several other things coming up soon…

  • Thursday 27th September – attending the Writer/Reader Mashup (more details at the Reading Agency). Ex-Mind Candy dude Guy Parsons is going to be speaking, but anything that introduces itself with “the relationship between readers and writers is changing” has to be interesting.
  • 17th – 21st October Attending Iceland Airwaves in Reykavik. I’ll be there all week, and I simply can’t wait. Cameras and mp3 recorders at the ready. I plan to attempt to capture the sights and sounds of an event I’ve wanted to go to for a couple of years.
  • Wednesday 23rd October – attending Virtual Worlds Forum. I’m doing a workshop on Tuesday 23rd October (Building a community within a company), and Ian is on a panel on Thursday 24th (Harnessing the power of virtual worlds for corporate collaboration). I’m also hanging around and helping staff the IBM stall (a booth babe, moi?). Seems like it will be a busy and fun event.
  • Thursday 8th November – I’m excited to be delivering the IET Mountbatten Memorial Lecture. Please come along and be friendly.

I generally list as many events as possible on my Upcoming.org page (do feel free to add me as a friend if you’re also a user) and my travel plans are generally on Dopplr (again, feel free to add me. Leave a comment if you need an invite). More speaking engagements planned for December and early 2008 can be found on my about page too.

Things I’m not doing (and wish I was)…

  • I’m missing the Virtual Worlds Fall conference in San Jose on the week of the 8th October. I kept it free for a long time, and I’m slightly sorry to miss out on seeing everyone (pretty much everyone in the virtual worlds space will be there) but I’m not speaking, I’ve already travelled more than I’d like this year, and many people will also be at the VWF in London 2 weeks later. I’m hoping there will be enough live blogging and twittering that I can feel part of it remotely too.
  • Paul Boag’s live recording of his 100th Boagworld podcast is something I’d have liked to see. I have not seen Paul for ages (we pretty much grew up together; our parents were friends and with him being slightly older I even inherited lots of his Star Wars toys). If it wasn’t for Airwaves, I’d be there.

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  1. I am sure we will find an occasion to meet up before long. SXSW at the very least I would have thought :) Its strange as I will be speaking at IBM Bedfont in a few weeks time.

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