Twitter SMS Limits

I’ve been using Twitter a lot recently. I made my 1000th Tweet this week. By the way, if we’re friends on Facebook and you don’t use Twitter, it’s why and how I update my status so frequently.

Although I follow over 150 people on Twitter, I only have SMS notifications turned on for about a dozen friends. Depending on where I am and what I’m doing, it can be a really nice way to stay in touch with those people. I was, therefore, surprised and disturbed to be sent this warning over the weekend.

Warning re limited inbound Twitter txts

I only have 10 incoming sms updates remaining this week? I wonder what the limit is.

Speaking of text messages, have you noticed a tendency (it may be a UK thing) for the past participle of “to text” to be strangely compressed so that becomes no longer “texted” but the rather uncomfortable “tex’d”?

Update: the weekly limit seems to be 250 incoming messages. More info from Twitter here

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  1. The common form of both the noun and the verb is “tweet”. I use Twitter. Ah yes, I saw your tweet. He was just tweeting about his latest blog post. etc.

  2. I noticed the same thing about the twitter limit this morning – got the text at about 0500 in the morning.

    I tend to follow a lot of people and often receive 200+ SMS per day, which is costing them real money (however discounted they may be buying them at), so in my case it’s understandable.

    Just a shame that the service is no longer quite so ubiquitous now, and I’ll have to actively check the mobile site if I’m out and about.

  3. Could this be the same reason why my phone settings on Twitter automatically (magically?) turns off when I know I’ve set it to On? Hmmm…

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