Russell and Steve recently invited me to join the Speechification team, where I have been happily sharing my favourite bits of speech radio.

The Old Jukebox

Any team needs its initiation rites, and mine ended up being migrating the blog from Tumblr to something with comments. WordPress 2.3.1 seemed like a good bet. I have not been keeping this blog up to date (it’s still currently on 2.0.3), so I hadn’t notice WordPress introduced tags. This is wonderful. Want to see all the speechification posts about Radio 3? Or comedy? Hours of fun!

Tags I got for free, and the only things I’ve really changed are:

  • A cute header (based on the photo above of a radio found on Flickr. Thanks, C.P.Storm).
  • Additional custom fields for posts, with text entries in the post page (made easier by the custom fields GUI plugin).
  • As well as making it easy to capturing that data, I’ve added a custom search box which lets you search on the post, as normal, or those additional fields. (Made easier by the search custom fields plugin).  So far, the additional fields are editor, presenter, producer and production company. I’m sure we’ll either add more as we need them, or give up and use tags for everything.

The feed has enclosures for the MP3s, so it also works conveniently as a podcast. Try subscribing in iTunes, if you use that.