Oh, Austin! SXSWi 2008

It’s official. I’m on the list of speakers for South By Southwest Interactive 2008. Rachel, Dan Jeremy and I made it through the panel picker. I have a speaker pass, and my flight is booked. Hurrah and huzzah.

SXSW Interactive - March 7th-11th 2008 - Austin Texas

The tentative panel list is already looking very promising indeed. It includes…

  • The Future Virtual World & Game Development: Rise of the Indies (Corey Bridges). I saw Corey on a panel at VWF07 this year. I’ve never met him properly, so I’m looking forward to seeing him slightly more up close and personal at SXSW.
  • Stories, Games and Your Brand (Rachel Clarke). This is the panel on which I’m joining Rachel, plus Dan Hon and Jeremy Ettinghausen. It’s included as part of the ScreenBurn festival too.
  • I’m very keen to see both How Piracy Will Save the Music Industry (Jason Schwartz) and It’s Not Music That’s Dead, It’s The Music Industry (Steve Jang). These seem like a challenging look at the music industry. Something that’s badly needed.
  • Data as Art: Musical, Visual Web APIs (Peter Kirn) sounds fascinating, and I wonder who else will be on the panel.

Of the other people either confirmed on the speaker list or who I’m rather hoping to run into include Cathy (Creating Passionate Users) Sierra, Justin (PMOG) Hall and Matt (Photo Matt) Mullenweg, Paul ‘Boagworld’ Boag, Matt ‘Dopplr’ Biddulph, Michael ‘Mind Candy’ Smith and dozens of others.

The Upcoming.org entry is already listing huge numbers of people. Geek nirvana.

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