Moshi Monsters – Get Your Rox Off

Moshi Monsters - Zommer mopod

Mind Candy (the company behind Perplex City) have a new project. Moshi Monsters is their latest thing, and I really like it.

It’s actually two things in one: a flashy-spinny-phone-charm-thing and a web-pet-tamagotchi-puzzle thing.

The ‘MoPod‘ mobile phone charms are conveniently available from Michael Smith’s other company, Firebox. Let’s start there, since it’s currently (at least, while it’s in beta) the only way to get into the more fun part of the project, owning a pet monster.

For a fiver you can have a MoPod for your mobile phone (MoPods are big in Japan, apparently). Here’s a short video of my phone ringing (well, vibrating, but you know what I mean) and my MoPod (a ‘Zommer’ monster) spinning and flashing like a mad thing.

Inside the packaging is a secret code allowing you to adopt a monster, which involves picking, personalising and naming it. Meet my first monster, Fred.Moshi Monsters - Fred the FuriMoshi Monsters - Fred's house, pre bling Moshi Monsters - Fred's house, post bling

In order to decorate Fred’s room, I first had to earn some ‘rox’, the in-game currency. To do that, solved some puzzles. And here, at the heart of Moshi Monsters, and the thing that will keep me coming back to this day after day, is the daily puzzle challenge. Even more engaging than the cute graphics and animations (though these are lovely) and much fun than decorating my room, is the daily one minute dose of quick-fire puzzles. These are great, and appeal to me in the same way that Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training does.

Moshi Monsters - Puzzles[click for bigger]

Moshi Monsters is still in beta, and there are a few as-yet unimplemented features, hinted at in the interface. A ‘Friends Tree’, a pinboard and some sort of news computer are all marked as “coming soon”. The friends tree in particular could be exciting. I already want my monster to be able to hang out (somehow) with Michael‘s, Jo‘s, Melissa‘s and Ian‘s, and so I’m looking forward to seeing how Moshi Monsters handles social interactions. I wonder if it will be anything like Animal Crossing, which – despite being aimed at kids – allows users to connect to each others spaces and visit each other.

I’d also quite like to see detailed stats of my history with the puzzles. I firmly expect that my monster will get annoyed (and ill?) if I neglect him, but I’d also like to be able to see how my score on the daily puzzle challenge changes over time. Maybe this isn’t part of the plan, but I’d like it to be.

Moshi Monsters is looking great. It’s still a beta, and it seems things are still being developed. Even in these early stages, I’m already hooked and I look forward to seeing what happens as things like the friends tree, news computer and additional shops get added.

Update: closing comments on this post because I regularly have to delete silly amount of spam and nonsense. If you have something interesting to say about Moshi Monsters, feel free to email me. Thanks.

5 replies on “Moshi Monsters – Get Your Rox Off”

  1. I’m going to squee! And say, yay! You mentioned my monster :)

    I to am looking forward to the friends tree!

  2. Thanks for the lovely review Roo, glad to hear you’re enjoying young Fred. Rest assured we’ve got loads of plans for the future of Moshi!

    Great to hear you got accepted to speak at SXSW, a few of us Mind Candies will be there for the week, and look forward to watching your panel :)


  3. At the virtual worlds forum in London I was given an MoPod as to participate in the Beta. I decided not to do myself but rather give it to my 9 yo daughter and see what happened. She could not wait, checked the mail every day and when the beta opened up went in immediately. I did not help at all, except for the parental confirmation email of course. Her self discovery seems to go fine and smooth, and the notion you need some currency to buy stuff was discovered by her before I noticed. The interface seems intuitive to her and from her reactions while playing I really see she enjoys it and is getting “attached” to her monster. Intriguing how easy and fast that went… As Roo mentioned, it will be really interesting to see how things go when the social interaction kicks in.

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