Twitter Updates for 2007-12-10

  • Your mailfile has exceeded its tier limit. Options: a) delete emails, b) archive emails, c) compress and hope for the best, d) stop sending. #
  • When someone sends me a Facebook message, it now seems to email the message rather than just link to my inbox. I hate Facebook a little less #
  • My dog has just found and eaten 8mg of Subutex (buprenorphine, used to treat heroin withdrawl). She’s at the vet. Science says she won’t die #
  • Dog seems fine. Street value of the drug she took: £20 – £50, apparently. She did it wrong anyway. Supposed to hold it under your tongue. #
  • Thanks everyone. She’s a bit dozy, but very well. I must say I’m annoyed at whoever carelessly left it lying on the street. Junkies, eh? #

Hot dog At rest

4 replies on “Twitter Updates for 2007-12-10”

  1. Roo – not as careless as I – left two boxes of rat poison where the dog could get to them (after climbing on a bed and a chest of drawers, mind you) – ate the damn lot … a very close brush with the great big kennel in the sky for Monty (and a huge vet bill for me)

  2. Sorry to hear that Ric. You’d think dogs’d be smarter than rats, wouldn’t you? Glad he survived that. Sounds like a much closer call than Amina’s.

    While we were picking her up from the vet last night, another dog owner suggested we keep an eye on her, because now she’s an addict she’ll be selling all our stuff to feed her habit. :-) As far as we can tell, her brief dalliance with opioids hasn’t been a life-changing experience though.

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