Twitter Updates for 2007-12-11

  • Off to fancy London town later today for nice meetings with nice people. #
  • Think I’ve left my wallet at work, on my desk. Anyone at Hursley want to look through the window and let me know? Using Rachel’s card. Shh. #
  • @robsmart and Darren, thanks! That’s a relief. #
  • Heading to @knolleary’s house. Slippers, laptop and DS in my bag. #
  • Cough seems to be finally clearing up. Hurrah! #
  • Watching Dogtanian s01e14 #

3 replies on “Twitter Updates for 2007-12-11”

  1. My NYC trip in January is off, so it might be a while. :-(

    Austin in March is as close as I get at the moment. Must. Try. Harder.

    Come to London! Bring Factor. Stow away, if you must.

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