Twitter Updates for 2007-12-17 & 18

Twitter was down this morning, so missed my earlier texts about heading into London, having a meeting in Southbank, meeting up with Andy Piper and heading on to see Dopplr and join the party.

Dopplr party montage

  • Hanging out at Macbeth (Hoxton St). Chatting with @mattb, @dominiccampbell, @andypiper, @ccmehil, @monkchips, and many more. #
  • New arrivals, @renzephyr, @bobbiejohnson and @aleks #
    [Update: I also got to meet @yellowpark, @robertbrook, @delineator, @welshcathy, …]
  • Excellent party. Open bar, pizza, great people… Now for the train home. 22:35 from Waterloo to Southampton Parkway. Tired now. #
  • Home again. Pleased to be starting my Christmas holiday from, oh, now. #
  • Feeling a little lightheaded. I think it’s the first day of holiday kicking in. :-) Lots of new twitterfriends this morning, post party. #
  • I’ve run out of Moo cards again. How very non-un-professional of me. #
  • Adding embedded Yahoo mp3 player to sidebar. Looks rather cute. Thanks to @gilest for the idea. #
  • Really loving the Kleptones “Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be” live set at Bestival 2007: #
  • Can’t get to, seesmic, Feedburner or from network at home. Tried the obvious stuff (inc ISP). I blame the router #
  • Speaking of seesmic, if a kind soul were to send me an invite I’d probably have to buy a new router in order to finally try it. <Hint /> #