Links for 2008-03-01

  • – preventing an online identity crisis – “Profilactic is a social media aggregator that pulls in just about everything you and your friends create online.” Like friendfeed, but perhaps more so.
  • jklabs :: EasyOsc – “EasyOsc is a Java library for doing dead simple Open Sound Control communication.”
  • Rethinking Strategy in Second Life (podcast) – “Linden Lab’s John Lester discusses the importance of being an interdisciplinary company, and how other companies and communities must recreate themselves and their perspectives when using virtual worlds like Second Life.”
  • NMC Launches Open Virtual Worlds Project – “New Media Consortium (NMC) announced a $250,000 two-year collaboration with Sun Microsystems to launch the Open Virtual Worlds Project, an effort that is aimed at making it easier to learn, work, and exchange ideas in virtual space.”
  • Twitter / towerbridge – A twitterbot for Tower Bridge. I’d stopped collecting these, but I like this one a lot.

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