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Three different physics games I’ve been enjoying recently. You might like them too.

1 – Toribash (Mac, Windows) is my favourite fighting game ever. The physics, rendering and tense multiplayer action make it an instant addiction.

2 – Crayon Physics (Windows) is the freeware prototype of something which went on to become the eagerly awaited Crayon Physics Deluxe (the one shown in the video below).

3 – Phun (Windows and Linux) is a fun 2D physics playground. Experiment with gravity, friction, springs, motors, and more. It looks a bit like this

It seems to be inspired by the MIT Magic Paper demo (shown in the video below).

Here’s a link to my growing collection of physics games bookmarks

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  1. You might also want to check out the very good homebrew Pocket Physics for the nintendo DS. Microsofts Tablet PC Experience pack also has a gesture based physics system.

  2. Thanks. I’ll take a peek at Pocket Physics. I should have mentioned (though the last link gives it away) that the MIT project is some sort of partnership with Microsoft Research. I wonder if it’s feeding into things like the the Tablet PC Experience pack?

  3. Toribash is available for Linux too. I’ve had a go (in single player mode) – it seems very difficult to get the player to make the move I visualise…hmm, more practice, I guess :)

  4. Thanks Jon. I hadn’t spotted that. Yes.. it definitely takes practice. Once you’ve got the basics, playing in multiplayer mode is a great way to get better (and faster) at dealing damage and staying in control. I’m still very much a novice, and played for at least half-a-dozen games before I won any. That sense of progress was pretty enjoyable.

  5. Sumotori dreams is a tiny game involving wrestling sumo robots. I find it hilarious because the sumo robots aren’t very good at keeping their balanace…

  6. Take a look at Ragdoll Blaster on the iPhone, very addictive physics puzzle game with around 100 puzzles to solve.

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