SXSW day 2 – Worst Website Ever

Even more interesting and wonderful things at SXSW today. I saw the Rocketboom gang sitting behind me in a panel on video blogging (at which Bre Pettis was presenting). Later I watched Corey Bridges ranting eloquently on the future of gaming and virtual worlds (“Sucks to be you, media oligopolists”), and Dan Hon being similarly smart and eloquent about ARGs.

Bre Pettis Rocketboom gang Corey Bridges Dan Hon Matt Biddulph

Later, I dropped into the Bloghaus on the 3rd floor, and found Hugh MacLeod willing and able to deface my business card for me. Jemima not only took a photo, she posted it on her Guardian Unlimited blog.

Update: Amusingly (?) this led to The Inquirer doing a nasty little piece about the photo.

Some people are cursed with daft names by cruel parents. Imagine, if you will, the trauma caused to someone named Roo Reynolds. Surely life can throw no more misfortune in their faces? But no. Roo is employed by IBM.

How much worse can things get, I hear you ask?

Quite a bit, it would appear from Mr or Ms Reynold’s business card

You’re a what?


The climax of the day was another comedy ‘unpanel’: Andy Baio’s ‘Worst Website Ever’ competition, in which Merlin Mann was just one of eight contestants proposing ideas-so-crazy-they-might-just-work to venture capitalist David Hornik. I recorded a video of Merlin’s winning proposal.

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  1. Roo, can you take + post a more straight-on shot of the card? I wanna make moo cards out them (‘ibm no longer sells boxes’ + ‘(c)hugh’ on the front, name + email on the back) and use them instead of my official cards.

  2. I’m really glad you posted this video, I’ve been waiting for it to show up. I was sitting directly behind you and I couldn’t see a damn thing once you started filming Merlin Mann. Thanks for posting the video!

  3. I’m not complaining, I’m very glad that you managed to get his presentation on video! Worst Website Ever’ was hands down my favorite part of SXSW this year.

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