SXSW day 4 – Lots of Random Things

Matt Biddulph accused me of “blogging like it’s 2003” this week (long posts, complete with photos and video clips). Personally, I thought I’d been very lazy by not tidying up my notes from the sessions and including them too (yet) but all of that will come later. Perhaps in digested form I’m typing so fast and there’s not enough time to process and digest between sessions and parties.

So, more lazy posting today.

The Lego interactive playpen is still interesting.

Interactive Playpen

Paul Boag’s panel on using social software for your brand.

Paul Boag

The Interactive and Film tradeshow is largely dull, though has a couple of great stals. Creative Commons, O’Reilly and Make are all there.


Matt Biddulph showed some of us a couple of upcoming Dopplr features, which I won’t pre-announce of course, but I’m rather excited about.

Matt Biddulph shows us new Dopplr features

Justin Hall (a big hero of mine) presented PMOG, which I’m already addicted to and will certainly be thinking and writing about soon.

The evening parties included one for Google Open Social and the famous Great British Booze Up. I met Ewan Spence for the first time, and a bunch of us ended up at what I think was the Geico party. There was a caveman there, which meant something to the Americans. Some sort of ad campaign mascot type thing. Other than a few clusters of oh-so-hip hipsters, it was actually very quiet, which was a rather nice thing since I needed to sit down quietly and rest my legs and ears. There was lots of lovely free drink all night. Here was the view of the other side of my table (at least, for a while). Rachel Clarke, Robert Scoble and Ewan Spence.

Last night's Geico party