Recent addictions

  • A few years ago, I was playing more online poker than was probably healthy (though only ever invested about £10 in online poker at my peak had built it up to well over £100, which I inevitably lost. Frighteningly quickly. (Though not before I extracted the original £10.) I don’t particularly want to start again at the moment).
  • Reading (this is an addiction anyone would be proud of. I regularly get through 5 or 6 books in a month).
  • I bite my nails (and I hate it. If you see me doing this, tut at me or something).
  • EVE Online (I recently suspended my account, since I wasn’t playing it nearly enough to make the monthly payments worthwhile, so my character is currently in the equivalent of hibernation. The past two Christmas holidays have been marked by obsessively shooting space-based pirates though, and I’m sure I’ll get back into it one day).
  • The addition of an Xbox 360 has meant I’ve  been recently hooked on some excellent games. (Call of Duty 4 is amazing, and having played through the single-player game I got sucked into levelling up in the multi-player game until I reached ‘Presetige’ mode. Grand Theft Auto 4 came out this week, and I think it’s already my latest addiction. For a few weeks anyway).

I seem to have a slightly addictive personality. But doesn’t everyone?

6 replies on “Recent addictions”

  1. Oh dear. If you think 5-6 books a month is an addiction I’m done for. At one time in my life I could probably manage that a week, now cut down to maybe a dozen a month.

  2. I used to bite my nails until I started to think about all the germs on them. Now I just worry about germs. It’s great! :-)

    I would add tea, altoids and conference badges to your list

  3. I definitely agree with the on-line games addiction. When Lineage 2 was in open beta and for the first year of the game must confess I played *way* too much. It ended up becoming a virtual-pub-plus-fantasy-game for a small group of already close friends. The funny thing is that 2 years since I realised my addiction and stoppped playing, I still have the sound track on my MP3 player (and listen every now and then), because it still conjours a sense of happiness…. =)

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