Game Camp 08

I was at Game Camp 08 on Saturday. It was held in Sony’s 3Rooms building near Shoreditch which is amazing. Imagine your dream flat, but full of rather more PS3s and PSPs than you could ever need. That said, the Sony branding wasn’t actually overpowering, and the venue was a very good choice.

The day was held in the style of a barcamp, with sessions run by participants. There were sessions on ‘How to play Doerak, a semi-russian card game’, ‘ARGs, are they f****d’?’, ‘Playing SLorpedo (mixed reality naval warfare in Second Life)’, and many many more.

Bobbie Johnson of the Guardian organised the event and has since written up a conclusion as well as a quick review of one of the busiest sessions, Matt Biddulph on ‘hacking game controllers with Arduino’.

Lots of photos of the day on Flickr, including this great one taken by Justin Hall (lead PMOG genius) and shared my Matt Jones.

London’s first Game Camp was great. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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