Roo’s desk / Ray’s desk

Roo's Desk / Ray's Desk

Here’s a photo my wife took in January, in which she compared my desk (clean, covered with monitors) with her desk (messy, covered with textiles).

I don’t think I work at the desk in my home study nearly enough. My desk at work certainly isn’t as tidy as that. My office wall looks like this, but the desk surface beneath and to the left of that is covered in whiteboards, sticky notes and scraps of paper. If I actually used my desk at home, it would look the same pretty quickly.

At the moment, I’m actually much more likely to sit on top of the bed with a couple of laptops around me though. Not great for my back, or wrists, I’m sure. Perhaps I should start using my desk a bit more.

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  1. I’ve been thinking something similar- about using my desk more at home, and doing less work on the sofa with the ThinkPad on my lap.

    Not only using my desk, but trying to sort it so that screens are at the right height to look at without bending etc.

    Okay, so I’m a little paranoid about my back now, but it can’t be too good for us!

    Still… if I had that many monitors at home, I think I’d be more likely to use my desk!

  2. Apologies guys – a comment slightly after the horse has bolted (recently discovered Roo via a team day at IBM – very insightful!)…. with the usual health & safety drive experienced when at work (is your desk the right height, does your forearm have sufficient room to rest whilst typing, et al) – it is so liberating to sit on my sofa slumming it with my Thinkpad! Though I do appreciate I may be thumbing my nose at fate and an initimate relationship with RSI….

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