Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Jordan, Jesse, GO! is probably the best entertainment podcast going. I’m a few weeks behind (I’ve clearly neither been flying recently nor mowing my lawn enough) but here’s the episode I’m listening to tonight. Join me.

Any show which has a forum and a voicemail account hotline (+1 206-984-4FUN) has to be good.

I’m not sure everyone will fall in love with it as instantly as I did but the theme music alone was enough for me to know that this was something deeply adorable. I’ve listened to so many episodes this year (usually while flying somewhere or mowing something) that I now have some sort of semi-pavlovian reaction to it. Putting it on makes me feel comfortable and happy and strangely like I’m at home regardless of where I actually am.

Jesse Thorn has a public radio show (also podcast), The Sound of Young America. You may have heard of him. He interviewed Stephen Colbert and not only some of the stars of ‘The Wire’ (the best TV show ever by the way) but also geek hero Merlin Mann. That’s as mainstream as anyone needs. It’s co-presented by Jordan Morris (correspondent for Fuel TV’s Daily Habit). Both of them are younger than me. Dammit.

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