Speaking at Open Tech 2008

Open Tech 2008 is

an informal, low cost one-day conference on technology, society and low-carbon living, featuring Open Source ways of working and technologies that anyone can have a go at.

The Schedule includes the very lovely Kim Plowright talking about art history with Matt Webb, which will be worth the price of admission on its own. Other things not to miss include Gavin Starks talking about AMEE, Suw Charman doing ORG things, Simon Willison on OpenID, Gavin Bell on that and other distributed federated stuff, Tom Loosemore on ‘The Bastard Child of Biard and Berners Lee’, Adrian Hon on ‘We Tell Stories‘ and many many more.

I’ve offered a short slot on Current Cost meters which has been accepted and is scheduled to happen during the 4-5pm session in the Upper Hall. Nick O’Leary has agreed to help me out too. It will mainly involve us talking about how (and why) you’d want to track your house’s electricity consumption. (In case you’ve missed it, the interwebs have recently been filling up with interesting hackers’ discoveries about the Current Cost recently. In addition to Nick’s Google Chart API tricks and my radial Google Charts charting stuff there are details of the XML format from Rich Cumbers, tips on how the serial connection works from Chris Hand and previously unknown details about buying official cables from Current Cost via James Wallis. There are tips, tricks and ideas galore to share). By the time the events comes round, there will be even more to talk about too I’m sure, and in a way that feels more like an informal but useful talk rather than a blog post full of links.

Open Tech 2008 will take place on Saturday 5th July 2008, 11am-6pm, at ULU, Malet street. Tickets cost a mere £5, paid on the door.

(I’m also doing 3 minutes at Interesting 2008 on Saturday the 21st of June. Something about LEGO).

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  1. I’m going to both of these.

    Looking forward to your talk about Lego. 3 mins, and there’s so much you could say! There’s the great ‘bley’ (bluey-grey) controversy for starters…

  2. Heh, I actually prefer the colour. It’s just the fact that it’s different to the old greys that’s a problem (well, a problem if you like building grey things: the castle builders were pretty pissed off).

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