Current Cost presentation at Open Tech 2008

Here’s the presentation Nick and I gave at Open Tech 2008 yesterday.

I really enjoyed the whole event and will try to put up some notes up about it tomorrow.

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  1. Hey – really enjoyed the talk. I’m getting more and more tempted to try and get hold of one of those units from ASC… :-)

  2. Anyone after the information for ordering a connection cable for the Current Cost should not come and speak to me after the talk, for obvious reasons. However the information is all in a post on my blog here.

    (Once again I use Roo’s blog to pimp hits to my own. Sorry, Roo. Shorter than c-n-ping the whole thing.)

  3. Thanks for the presentation Roo, I’d seen these gadgets before, but after seeing how you’d used them I ordered one and have just now set it up. Interestingly enough, mine has an ethernet port on it, so I’ll have fun playing with that.


  4. Robbie: go back to slide 7 and 8 again. Although it looks like an ethernet port at the bottom, it’s not. It’s 5 volt TTL serial (e.g. not even RS232). If you want to connect it to a home computer you’ll need a cable to convert the signal to RS232.

    You can build your (as described here) or order one from Current Cost
    (James Wallis has the details).

    If you don’t need RS232, because you’re using an Arduino f’rinstance, you might be inspired by this .

    Have fun.

  5. Brilliant, sounds like you saved me a Sunday afternoon. I remember the cable required, but thought I must have gotten an upgrade, d’oh. Oh well, more time in the beer garden instead while I wait for the next order to come in.


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