Maximum Fun

I’m proudly wearing my brand new ‘Sound of Young America’ t-shirt today. It looks a bit like this.

TSOYA tshirt

Since I’m probably Southampton’s biggest fan of Jesse Thorn (you may remember that I’ve raved about the amazing ‘Jordan Jesse, GO!’ podcast before) I was really pleased, having started donating, to get some parcels this week. Maximum Fun Club Card There was a poster (of which I need to take a decent photo), this lovely t-shirt and, perhaps best of all, a Maximum Fun Club membership card which states that I am “committed to being more awesome in all matters” and “a proud adherent of the principles of The New Sincerity. The fact that even posting all of this stuff to the UK has cost Jesse more than I’ve donated so far just makes me love him all the more. What an investment in the fans. Thank you, Jesse.