Guild Dinner Party

A couple of weeks ago, just as I was finally getting sucked into World of Warcraft, I received this mysterious invitation.

Guild Dinner - invitation

Now, this guild is actually a bunch of real-life friends who use Warcraft to hang out together. Members who have outed themselves include Alice Taylor (who recently blogged about receiving some guild postcards) Kim Plowright (who made some awesome cross-stitch patterns) James Wallis (who presented a geophysical study of the World of Warcraft during Interesting 2008 and then wrote up his findings in an essay). I was excited to catch up with these people, and also to get to know the members I have not met yet.

Being a humble level 18 hunter, I didn’t have any suitable clothing for a formal dinner (my skinning and leather-working abilities extend to the embossed leather boots I was wearing and not much further) but Alice Taylor lived up to her name and kindly tailored many beautiful tuxedos and dresses for the guests.

Guild Dinner - formal portrait

The Wayfarer’s Rest Inn, like the rest of Silvermoon City, is beautiful. A great setting for a formal dinner. James dished out lashings of beer and wine and scrumptious food which included soup, rat kebabs and strawberry ice-cream. We danced and joked and generally, you know, had a party.

Guild Dinner - merriment

Eventually the party spilled out into the street, forming a conga line through Silvermoon City. We then moved on to Thunder Bluff and skinny-dipped in the pool there, before James revealed his final surprise of the evening: a fish course called ‘Savory Deviate Delight‘ which magically transformed us into ninjas and pirates. Yay.


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