Recent Reading

Since starting my new job, I’ve had a fair bit of time to read on the train, and at stations while waiting for trains. I notice I’ve been avoiding anything too arduous in the past couple of weeks, and most of this list is me re-reading some of the kid-lit I enjoyed as a teenager.

Recent Reading

  • Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens – Pratchett is, IMHO, at his best when he writes with other authors (The Science of Discworld series, for instance). This is a good read. One of the best of this bunch actually. Worth picking up if you’ve somehow missed it.
  • Richard Williams, Churnmore – I added this to my wishlist after reading a review at Noisy Decent Graphics last year. It’s great. Very funny, cutting satire aimed at creative agencies. I’m sure I’ve been in some meetings it describes.
  • Robert Rankin, They Came and Ate Us – part two of the ‘Armageddon: the Musical’ trilogy. It’s been a long time since I’ve read any Robert Rankin. Silly, silly stuff, but with some very good moments. I especially like the bits in the centre of the earth, with Byron.
  • Robert Rankin, The Suburban Book of the Dead – the third part of the trilogy, and not not as good as the second. I probably shouldn’t have read them back-to-back, because his style began to grate and drag more than a little bit.
  • Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game – I’ve read all (?) of Orson Scott Card and this is still my favourite. I immediately started re-reading Ender’s Shadow too, which will be my travel reading while flying to LA tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you Roo for reminding me of one of my favourite books of all time – Good Omens. Must dig it out and re-read it asap! :)

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