Recent Reading

Recent Reading (early October)

  • Mark Haddon, A Spot of Bother – a beautiful and wonderful story. Fiction for men always makes me happy. Hornby does it well, but I prefer Haddon. He also wrote The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, which I really enjoyed on holiday recently.
  • James Bradley, The Resurrectionist – I wanted to like this. I enjoyed the writing, but it just didn’t work as a book. I think it was missing something. A story? Yes. I think it lacked a story. Nice writing though. Almost worth it for the quality of the writing alone. But not quite.
  • David Simon, Homicide: a year on the killing streets – the creator of The Wire. It’s like a It’s like a weighty dead-tree version of that show, but focusing entirely on the police department. I really want to read ‘The Corner’ too (paperback coming April 2009, according to the inside cover of this book) which I believeĀ  will look in more depth at gang life. I’m still half-way through ‘Homicide’, but I love it. I’m torn between wishing it wasn’t so heavy, and wanting it to never end. Makes me want to re-watch The Wire from the beginning. Again.
  • Hunter S Thompson, The Rum Diary – Imagine the great jonzo journalist, pre-gonzo but already deeply into rum, working in Puerto Rico at the tender age of 22. Wow. It’s great. Some of the paranoia and craziness you’d expect from later Thomspon is already showing through in this early book.