The Real Britney Becomes a Bit More Real

Compare and contrast: Stephen Fry, John Cleese and Britney Spears are all on Twitter.

Brittney’s account is called ‘therealbritney’, but it initially read more like a collection of abbreviated press releases than anything else. Talking about things like “Britney’s new YouTube channel” and asking “Have you joined the Britney social network yet? Connect with other Britney fans…” was a great way of undermining the description of it being ‘the Real Britney’. In fact, it looked like a naive way of promoting her website, and felt like a wasted opportunity. When social media tools do no more than offer an alternative feed of existing content, there’s not really much point.

Gary Vaynerchuk took Britney and her team to task in this video (“I applaud Brit or her team for jumping in this space but I really think she is taking the wrong approach and should take control of the situation RIGHT NOW!”) and I was very impressed to see Lauren Kozak, Britney’s social media director, actually paying attention and reacting within 48 hours of Gary’s post. First of all, she replied to his video with a thoughtful comment as well as an acknowledgment via Twitter, which earned her an equally thoughtful response from Gary.

What really impressed me was that the team immediately started labelling posts with the author’s name, so now we get updates like

We’re talking about Brit’s next video tonight. They wanted real animals, but Britney vetoed- she’s allergic to horses. Posted by Andrew. [


I want to thank all my fans for making Womanizer #1. I’m recording my new album & hope you guys are blown away. Thank you so much! ~Britney [

Full marks to Lauren for understanding a bad situation, defusing it quickly and massively improving Britney’s Twitter feed in the process.

Britney joining Twitter is no doubt a milestone. It marks a step in the journey of Twitter (and other social media tools) becoming properly mainstream. It’s clearly a bumpy ride, but let’s hope that everyone who follows has learned something about authenticity.

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  1. I don’t know that she needs to worry about connecting with her fan base, being transparent or building up a community. I think she’s a little different than a niche market little indie band who need to build up an intimate following. It’s like the difference between buying some organic cabbage from a local farmer and a can of coke.

    I think she’s doing a lot of this to get back at the press. A lot of stuff that her team have published are beating the media to it and I suspect stopping them making money out off her. If Britney publishes photos of her picking pumpkins with her kids, then I expect the paparazzi will have trouble making money from similar photos.

    She’s back in shape, she’s got a great new song, some nice outfits and she’s busting out the dance moves like it 1998 all over again. That’s all that really matters about Britney.

    She can do anything and I’d still love her.

  2. Wow! I’m so glad you like the changes! We’re working really hard to be authentic and engaging. Thanks for the compliment- I’m really glad I’ve earned your respect!

    I also really appreciate Darren’s comment- the taking back over her press is a big part of our strategy and you’re super sharp for getting that.

    Thank you both! ~Lauren Kozak, Britney’s Social Media Director

  3. Interestingly, even something like Twitter gives a celebrity like Britney (and her minders) a lot more control over the conversation that happens around her life. It’s a great strategy for not only managing one-to-many relationships, but also provides a ready channel for crisis management. Plenty for business to learn from these types of experiments.

  4. Britney and her team are a class act. Their response indicates they are connected. Most often this type of campaign is thought of as media fodder and is outsourced.

    It’s nice to know fans, and the public as well, are respected enough to receive direct contact.
    We Love You Britney:)

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