Say hello to my little friend

My wife and I bought a (nearly) new car recently.

New car New car New car New car New car New car

It’s a Citroen C1. Citroen says it’ll do 51-72 mpg, which is about 500 miles on one 35 litre (£30) tank. So far, this seems pretty accurate.

It’s cheap to tax, too (£35 this year, which will go down even further next year to just £20).

Its little 3 cylinder, 1 litre engine is quieter and more civilised than I expected. For driving around town, and short journeys to the station, it’s perfect, and even short motorway trips are OK.

Clarkson says

In many ways, it’s the spiritual successor to the old 2CV, that poisonous upturned bathtub favoured by the sort of hippie who’s currently handcuffed to the tow hook of your Land Cruiser.

Rachel owned one of those upturned bathtubs when we first started going out together, and they’ve always had happy memories for both of us.

I like the C1. I like it a lot.

2 replies on “Say hello to my little friend”

  1. Great decision.

    In 24 hours last July, I test drove the three identical cars – Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo – and opted in the end for the Aygo. They’re good cars – fine for even long journeys as long as you don’t need to go up too many hills, in which case you wear out your gearbox changing gear! But you can fit a surprising amount of stuff into them when you really need to.

    Happy motoring.

  2. The Aygo is the best equipped (and most expensive, I seem to remember) of the three versions of this little chassis.

    We got the dealer to throw in roof bars, so if we ever have to travel anywhere with the dog and a lot of luggage we can fit roof box.

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